Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I would like to thank this person who is always beside me even during my most darkest moment, only that i need to keep his identity for he is a very private person. So i am trying to keep my promise,Mr. D, thank you so much,for being so understanding and patient, never i realized how much you really care for me, even at times i am so mean to you.
You always understand my feelings towards all these events that is happening to my life. Words are not enough to express how much i am grateful in knowing a person like you.
Thank you so much!

A poem for you. But i guess more appropriate for me.

So this is for both of us.

It takes a knock to open a door.
A "knock" to open your eyes:
It takes a "knock" to open the way,
That we may realize our goal,
That the dream is won because we try,
though a "knock" may spur on us,
Life is made up of joys and "knocks"
And each day begins with the dawn.

Had this poem ring a bell?

Project was successful

Hello to all my friends here at bloglandia, sorry for not being with you these past few days. Been awhile since i last posted.
Reporting for what we had done during the relief operation. It was done successfully although i was not able to be with the team for a reason that i need to attend to a very important matter, i missed this event. The team pursued as scheduled.
you will see from these pictures how the people and their places had been totally devastated.
Coming November, we will be having our second part of the relief operation, many people are still giving support for PINOY FORUMERS SOCIETY FOUNDATION,INC., so we decided to have a second round. Thank you to all those who are supporting our projects.
I will keep you posted again about this relief operation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will there be a morning?

It is depressing to know the effect of the calamity,done with one and still trying to recover from the devastation, here came another one.....strong typhoon again. When can we get this over with?
Feeling so tired of all these......added by the inadequacy and political will of our leaders. I am mad right now!
Sorry friends, just pouring out my sentiments over all these events that had been experiencing by our people. I still want to feel that there is hope over all these. Our people are suffering so much right now. Will there be still future for us?
Right now we are very busy preparing the things we need to give to our citizens, on saturday we will be heading towards one of the many places that had been severely affected by the calamity.

I would like to be optimistic(?).

A song..........

Will there really be a morning
When the night is gone
Will there be a dawn
To greet me urge me to go on
Is there no home for me
To even love again

Will there really be a morning
Or is this the end
Will there really be a sunrise when
The darkness dies
Will the strength to last'll be there
To fight the fears inside
The nights are so endless
Endless as it seems

Will there really be a morning or
Is this a dream
Days have come and days have passed
I wish the morning stayed
I pray that they would last
For in those mornings I
Could see what it meant to be free
Will there really be light again
When this tunnel fades
Will I reach out and touch it
Ir will I be afraid
I just hoped that
I'll still be there just that
I may see
Will there really be a morning to
Come for me
For in those mornings
I could see what it meant
To be free

Will there really be a morning to
Come for me?

.............bear with me friends.