Sunday, May 17, 2009


   It was my birthday yesterday, sadly  my migraine was hitting me badly  since morning till evening.  I could not get up from my bed.  The medicines did not work, so i was on bed till this morning.  
   I am a bit okay now, so had this chance of opening my mails and blogs.  I am happy  my inbox is full of birthday greetings, great feelings that people you loved did not forget this day.
    I thank God because i have reached this age and all the blessings i have received all this time. Got only one wish to Canada dream!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am back!

       I am here again, after two weeks of silence, although i kept coming to check and made comments on to my favorites blogs.  
        Two weeks was a torture for me, trying very hard to get my brain  back to working...literally! So my exam has done yesterday,i hope i made it.  I want to think that i really did my job.  Hoping to have a positive result......soon!
         Thank you to all my friends here who wished me luck,you inspired me guys!  
          I guess i need to catch up and i will. thanks again.

Mom Happy Mother's Day!

     I hope i am not yet late on greeting you on this very special occasion.  You called me over the phone to greet me, felt ashamed because whenever we have an occasion you will be the first to greet and you make me feel guilty.
      Mom, seldom we talk brought by the distance....Hawaii is miles and miles away from the Philippines.  You've been there almost two decades now, despite that you never let  me feel being  deprived of your love and affection. You are always there for me.     
 I was 4 when Dad passed away, since then you stood by our side, gave yourself unselfishly for us.  You never thought of looking after your personal gains, instead you played your role as the mother and father at the same time.  I admire you so much for that. 

      Thank you for giving me the chance to see the world!
      Thank you for loving me and nurturing me!
      Thank you for showing me how to become a good mother too to 
       my children!
      Thank you for teaching me to become patient in dealing with 
       my kids!
      Thank you for teaching me to be GOD fearing person!
      Thank you for being so understanding!
      Most of all thank you for being there for me always!
      There are so many thank yous i want to say to you, but time is 
       not enough to say it all. 

     As i always tell you that if God permits, I want to go and die first than me seeing you gone first.  You get mad when i say that, it's okay, i still mean it and always will.