Wednesday, April 29, 2009

studying and ageing.......

     I  have not been into blogging these days but i kept constantly reading all the updates from the blogs i followed.  Made comments here and there, i can not help it. I love your blogs, it is somehow my "get-away" from  reviewing. 
Ah, now i realized that being stocked at home and not trying to at least refresh my mind from time to time is really a disaster( hello! what year is it now?).  See!  even us mom should never stop from getting in touch with the outside world,never stop learning, i hope it is  not too late for me (whew!). Taking this review feels,  i am out of this already, but i have no choice. My memory is not sharp anymore compared to 20 years ago, that is a matter of fact!
    So to my friends,  just keep posting and i will surely be on it.  For the meantime let me concentrate here on my review until  i get through with this on May 11.  
    Wish me luck! Thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kevin made it!

       We had a follow up check up today, had some laboratory tests, at last traces of blood in his urine has gone, meaning medecines responded so well on him.  Yes!  I am relieved and worry no more.   I  can concentrate again for my review.  
       Thanks to all my friends here who wished Kevin to get well...thanks to Mom E, shades, Deena and Beth, you helped me uplift my spirit during this down moments. To all those silently reading my blog,love you guys!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get well soon Kevin!

     While i am busy reviewing,  problems come here and there..... yesterday my youngest son Kevin has diagnosed  with kidney infections, i don't understand much of all those medical terms told by his pediatrician. I am trying very hard to comprehend all those terms.  He got high fever and blood stains in his urine, and few lymph nodes on the left side of his neck.  So i had to rushed him to the hospital,it was alarming!  He underwent some laboratory tests....urine, blood and lung x-rays  now he is at home for observation and medication, and be back on wednesday for a follow up check up and another laboratory tests.  I hope and pray the medicines will respond.
    I am  closely monitoring him, and i am glad he acts normally and seems not sick at all, still hyperactive, not heeding the advise of his pedia......he is a kid indeed!  Somehow it is also a relief for me it is less stressful.  Get well soon my baby!   I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wish to see you!

      I am busy preparing for my upcoming exam at the embassy of Canada,this is what i am waiting for barely a year now.  I hope i can make it so i can eventually go and work there.  
I have been contemplating on it long time ago, for the future of my kids.  At last i got a chance, so now my turn to either make it or break it at this time.  I chose Canada because this is one of the best place to live in, so many praises and beautiful stories about the people, the environment, all things in general.  So wish me luck guys and please help pray for this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


  Today, i feel so low and sad.  I am trying to please you,at least be with you even for awhile.  You know that it does not happen all the time or anytime we want it.  Do you know that i am always excited whenever we have a chance to talk?  Do you know how much i am thrilled everytime we talk?  Or maybe we are only both tired today,or you are just so insensitive that you don't care.  Maybe you are tired of listening to my same old thrill at all!  You know that it never and never will i ever have a new stories to tell.  It always be my everyday chores in the house,kids and what they do.  I too sometimes feel bored to all of these things,do i have a choice?  I don't even know sometimes if i am still effective as a mother to them.  Sometimes i feel, i am just their buddy or nanny and maid all at the same time.

          I wish things would be different and if i could only turn back time.  Maybe i would have a better and organized perpective.   But i don't regret of having to be with my kids, it's all worth it.

     Sorry if i neglected you most of the time,for always being focused on the kids. Sorry because i could not give you my best whenever we got a chance.  Have you ever thought too, that i myself has deprived of being myself?  I could not complain because i have no right.  Or i am only selfish?  

      I LOVE YOU, that's the fact,i intend to be with you for life ( whether you like it or not) and  no matter what.
     It always compensates me whenever i read the poem(you said a song)  you made for me.  Though short but it meant so much.  Despite my shortcomings you are still there for me,i am touched!

         dont be mad, dont be sad
what i did is not so bad
for to disown me it takes no time
be calm and give it some time
when u went wrong i smiled
for i knew your miseries piled
patient enough i waited for you
u will be back soon sure i knew
when i went wrong u frown
and u felt i let u down
may be ur right in a way
give it some time is what i say
love me like i love you and i will love you even more.
smile and get back.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Summer Escapades

     Summer and school vacations are always what my kids look forward to.Time for strolling ,swimming,going to anywhere, playing  endlessly and tirelessly.This time of year our bonding moment too, we can do all things together,my chance of teaching little things on household matters.I believe, although they are all boys, they still need to learn things at home.Nowadays, household chores should be shared by all member of the house.They dont' like the idea, but i am the boss, so i imposed,lol.
      Back to summer,here some nice places to go to.

                                             ........entrance to the underground river

                                              ........ fascinating  place.....beach!
                        ........... a date with this creature,love it!
                                    ..........tubataha reef...great for diving
                                                ........boracay beach,great for swimming.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter....The Risen Christ!

          Rising of Christ from the dead always gives hope and new beginning to all those who believes in HIM.
         HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!!!!

Atonenment of Sins

                                          ...........nailed to ask for forgiveness of his sins
                                          ......done in Good Friday 
                                      .............another way for cleasing of sins,whipping himself
                                         ..............covered face,a vow of penitence
                                      ...................carrying of the cross

more ways to ask for forgiveness of our sins  and what count mosts is you know how to ask for repentance sincerely.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lenten Season a Time for Reflections

      Today is Good Friday,my moment for reflections,renewing my faith to HIM.
Every moment i know HE keeps touching me,i just ignored sometimes or oftentimes does not mind it at all,that's is so unfair for HIM.Professing my faith is not only showing my physical presence in the church,or chanting HIS name always but i believe it is in my personal relationship to HIM that matters most.Taliking to HIM in my most private night before retiring to bed.
       God please keep my faith and make me a better servant at all times.

My Personal Encounter.....with God!

As a child i was brought with having a strong faiht in God,my mother is a devout catholic.I guess this is my best legacy from her.
When i was in gradeschool,i used to dreamed Papa God,in that dream He is always talking to me,telling me to be good always...oh yes, HE showed whenever i did wrong.
I always ignored this dream..... who will think this is serious anyway?At my age then, this is  nothing.So i did not give much thought of it.
   As a normal girl,i do the usual things girls mostly do.I was in high school when i had another dream, this time Mama Mary.......i know because she introduced herself to me,she was crying reminding me that i committed sin again.I cried too,because i really did wrong.I remember i fought with my classmate,I lost my temper and badmouthed her.I did not ask for repentance.I promised i will ask her forgiveness on the next day, which i did.
      On my succeding dreams it was Mama Mary who always come.For others this maybe absurd or silly i don't impose others to believe.  Now as i come to think of it, i can say i  am lucky becuse this is HIS way to touched me,reminding me that HE is watching over me always.I deeply appreciate it.
       WE are now commemorating the death and passion of Christ on the cross.Today, my time of reflections,renewing my faith and loyalty to HIM.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


   Half of my life we are together inseperable..... like a real sister in  the true sense of the word.  I know you will not read this because you hate computer for its complicated and sophisticated features.  Whenever i tried to teach you,for sure you always have an alibi,silly you!        But despite that, you know how much i love you.....not because you are rich(common girl, you don't have money,joke!!!!)you are rich in all aspect of true friendship.  Half of our lives we are togther, i think we committed to be together for life!    I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!!!       HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


         Why there are people who only think of themselves,selfish!People who take advantage of other's weakness,vulnerability,innocence and powerlessness,pathetic are these people.
          I am saddened and mad to Chip Tsao's article degrading our nation and the entire filipino community.Who is he to do this?He has no right, he is ignorant or maybe he is simply  insensitive.Why not right something more helpful and productive that anyone can benefit with?Why not something that everyone can be happy about?Only a piece of advise sir,use your talent in what our CREATOR wants it to be,please!
           Let this issue be handled by the proper authorities,and as of this writing,Philippines government and Philippine consulate in Hongkong are doing their job.So as the Filipino community.I'll see and wait.
           Hongkong magazine who published the article made a public apology, so this at least lessen my dismay.I wont boycott Hongkong anymore,I've learned to love this country already.Let's us forgive and forget and learn to be sensitive to one's feelings and needs.PEACE to you MR.CHIP TSAO!