Wednesday, April 15, 2009


  Today, i feel so low and sad.  I am trying to please you,at least be with you even for awhile.  You know that it does not happen all the time or anytime we want it.  Do you know that i am always excited whenever we have a chance to talk?  Do you know how much i am thrilled everytime we talk?  Or maybe we are only both tired today,or you are just so insensitive that you don't care.  Maybe you are tired of listening to my same old thrill at all!  You know that it never and never will i ever have a new stories to tell.  It always be my everyday chores in the house,kids and what they do.  I too sometimes feel bored to all of these things,do i have a choice?  I don't even know sometimes if i am still effective as a mother to them.  Sometimes i feel, i am just their buddy or nanny and maid all at the same time.

          I wish things would be different and if i could only turn back time.  Maybe i would have a better and organized perpective.   But i don't regret of having to be with my kids, it's all worth it.

     Sorry if i neglected you most of the time,for always being focused on the kids. Sorry because i could not give you my best whenever we got a chance.  Have you ever thought too, that i myself has deprived of being myself?  I could not complain because i have no right.  Or i am only selfish?  

      I LOVE YOU, that's the fact,i intend to be with you for life ( whether you like it or not) and  no matter what.
     It always compensates me whenever i read the poem(you said a song)  you made for me.  Though short but it meant so much.  Despite my shortcomings you are still there for me,i am touched!

         dont be mad, dont be sad
what i did is not so bad
for to disown me it takes no time
be calm and give it some time
when u went wrong i smiled
for i knew your miseries piled
patient enough i waited for you
u will be back soon sure i knew
when i went wrong u frown
and u felt i let u down
may be ur right in a way
give it some time is what i say
love me like i love you and i will love you even more.
smile and get back.



  1. A lovely sharing of the heart.
    It is touching .


  2. touching indeed...please show it to the one for whom you wrote it..


  3. Words from the heart, and very brave to share like that.

  4. Lovely thoughts, I went through these myself.

  5. i appreciate so much all your comments,to SweetAnnee,shades,holdingmoments and introspection thanks for reading my blog.

  6. Hello there...thanks for visiting my site. You know what? I also had my low and sad moments and I went to Lourdes Groto in your city and poured out all my disappointments with God. But I am okay now. I know you too will find peace and happiness. It's in your heart...right now!

  7. cool picture. I wish the sun could look like this from time to time

  8. wow i never knew that my song had so many admirers and to them it is a touching one. you know what situation it was for me. but i have no regrets for i still keep my promise. i am sure i will not have to write another poem atleast for a similar situation. but sure a song for your happiness and well being. god bless you


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