Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events on the graduation day

       Graduation day  had just finished, as a mother, i felt happy and fulfilled... kind of  because i've done my part, that is to helped him get through another stage of his life.Teofilo Jose is a bright son,included always on the top 10 of his class,for me already an achievement. Teachers always commended him as one of the most reliable and responsible student.I am happy,being a mother these are already a fulfillment.
         Yesterday, the event started at 5pm and ended at 8pm.ZHe was excited i know,we were all excited in fact.As if this is my first time to have a kid who will march the stage,this actually the third.Teofilo Jose kept quiet the whole ceremony,oh yes he is like that anyway, a reserved kid.Event ended successfully, all people present have all their smiles wide.We went home, ate and sleep.
         I will still figure out what gift or blowouts i can give,hmmmmm any suggestions?Of course,be less extravagant....... money is hard to find!

Monday, March 30, 2009

      May 17,1965,a bouncing baby girl was born,second to three children of MR.and Mrs. Tomas Lomotan Sr.The only girl.      Four years after, seemed the most happiest moment,with parents and siblings around.Playing with her siblings,occassionally going out with the family,going on a picnic,strolling around, go some shopping.Her family was well off,everything has been provided by their father,he was a chinese,so he was good in business. Unforgettable moments!
       One day,father of the girl needed to rush to the hospital,felt difficulty of breathing,gasping air,and he looked pale.To the girl's mind, she could not understand what was going on,just looked at his father normally,she might have questions on her mind but she could not figured out.After few days at the hospital, her father died......she could not understand for sure what was going on.
        Remains of her father brought home,wake had to be done,a part of the culture,after few days he was brought to his final resting place.All relatives were around.
         Now the family's needs  who used to be provided by her father,the mother needs to take care of the family's business and all, mother and father all at the same time.Her mother does not know how to handle it, she was dependent to her husband, she was always emotional.Until one day we left nothing because she does not know how to handle the business,they became poor,back to zero!
          Pity to them,that was what all the neighbors were saying,old friends who used to visit them,one by one diappeared.......
           Her mother learned now to work,so she had to leave her kids at home under the care of her true loyal friend.On weekends she went home to give financial support to the kids,eventually her friend who takes care of her kids had to moved in at their house together with the family, free for she was not paid for taking care of her children.By the way the mother used to work as a maid to a wealthy family in Manila.Her kids left in the province.That was all she can do for she did not finish schooling,she only finished grade three.Her friend  complained that she could no longer take care all the three, hard for her already because she has her own family to take care as well.She decided to bring the eldest son to an orphanage, son was there for 1 year.
          Leaving the kids behind was not too long, aside from the fact that her children were apart from each other,it was so painful for her,  after a year she brought her children to her homeprovince, to her parents.The girl was then 5 years old.Adjusting to a new life for her and other siblings were too difficult to everyone of them,new sorroundings and new people to be with.The girl was crying all the time, she missed her mother,they all missed their mom.But they can't do nothing,this has to be explained to them.They understood.
         The girl started schooling,on her first grade,more difficult now,more adjustments.But she has to moved on,and she did.Life in the province was as difficult as they had been.Her mother came home to visit them became yearly because of the transportaion fee,so hard to provide.So meaning more sufferings for all of them.She has to attend schooling even it means for no allowance for snacks or food.She goes to school without it,only not to be absent.She has to go back and forth for lunch,barefoot!Can't not provide even for that matter.So the girl had to sacrifice walking and bearing the heat of the midday.Still ok for her,because she thought the need of it.She can see her other siblings going through the same.
          Many years later, they were brought back to their old place. her mother promised them that,again family were together again. This time since she grew stronger, she continued her studies through college by being a working student.All other siblings did the same.Their mother was so happy that they were  brought up being  independent and matured.Now, all were all professionals,the girl finished a bachelor degree,eldest used to be a seaman,youngest now a US navy.Mother is in the US too,with her parents and relatives.
        The girl now is married with four kids, all boys.Two of her eldest sons were done with their schooling but plans to have another degree.The two youngest are still on their elementary.
         Now, the girl is a bit contented,still wants more.....to have her younger kids done with their college,that is the time she can say,"i'm done".

          Thank you mom for making  us stronger and independent......i love you and we love you!


      Tomorrow is my son's graduation's day, i am excited and him as well,he can't seem to wait for tomorrow, in fact he can't sleep, he wants me to give him something to take so he can go to sleep.I understand him, normal feeling to a kid or to a graduate.I gave him warm milk,now he is sleeping,whew!
       He will be again moving one step forward,now more guidance and prayers so he could make it to where he should be....towards a successful life!That means more effort for me to guide him through.But i know he can make it,he is a very good person,son,and a student,always excel on his class.keep it up son! i love you!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28,2009: 11:44pm manila,philippines
             This is my first time to get into this blogging thing, at first i am hesitant, curious and had a second thought of creating one.But finally,i made one and here i am.
              For a newbie like me,i may sound odd or boring,this is because  i am still familiarizing myself on how to go about it.I have entitled my blog My happiness and sentiments for i would like to show and share some if not all my life's journey.This is not so much interesting for i am only a very simple person, with  a simple wants and interests in life.Like others, i would only want  to have a happy and contented life,not worrying so much what lies ahead of us,or what the future brings on me.If we think of life,this  have so much complications,it brings too much worthless time of how we could go over the obstacles.Is is worth thingking for?Is it worth giving time?