Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events on the graduation day

       Graduation day  had just finished, as a mother, i felt happy and fulfilled... kind of  because i've done my part, that is to helped him get through another stage of his life.Teofilo Jose is a bright son,included always on the top 10 of his class,for me already an achievement. Teachers always commended him as one of the most reliable and responsible student.I am happy,being a mother these are already a fulfillment.
         Yesterday, the event started at 5pm and ended at 8pm.ZHe was excited i know,we were all excited in fact.As if this is my first time to have a kid who will march the stage,this actually the third.Teofilo Jose kept quiet the whole ceremony,oh yes he is like that anyway, a reserved kid.Event ended successfully, all people present have all their smiles wide.We went home, ate and sleep.
         I will still figure out what gift or blowouts i can give,hmmmmm any suggestions?Of course,be less extravagant....... money is hard to find!


  1. My congratulations to your intelligent son on his graduation. Praises to you for being a supportive and loving MOM!!!

  2. bethylim, thanks so much for visiting and reading my blogs.YEah, indeed a momentous event.


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