Wednesday, April 1, 2009


         Why there are people who only think of themselves,selfish!People who take advantage of other's weakness,vulnerability,innocence and powerlessness,pathetic are these people.
          I am saddened and mad to Chip Tsao's article degrading our nation and the entire filipino community.Who is he to do this?He has no right, he is ignorant or maybe he is simply  insensitive.Why not right something more helpful and productive that anyone can benefit with?Why not something that everyone can be happy about?Only a piece of advise sir,use your talent in what our CREATOR wants it to be,please!
           Let this issue be handled by the proper authorities,and as of this writing,Philippines government and Philippine consulate in Hongkong are doing their job.So as the Filipino community.I'll see and wait.
           Hongkong magazine who published the article made a public apology, so this at least lessen my dismay.I wont boycott Hongkong anymore,I've learned to love this country already.Let's us forgive and forget and learn to be sensitive to one's feelings and needs.PEACE to you MR.CHIP TSAO!

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