Sunday, April 12, 2009

Summer Escapades

     Summer and school vacations are always what my kids look forward to.Time for strolling ,swimming,going to anywhere, playing  endlessly and tirelessly.This time of year our bonding moment too, we can do all things together,my chance of teaching little things on household matters.I believe, although they are all boys, they still need to learn things at home.Nowadays, household chores should be shared by all member of the house.They dont' like the idea, but i am the boss, so i imposed,lol.
      Back to summer,here some nice places to go to.

                                             ........entrance to the underground river

                                              ........ fascinating  place.....beach!
                        ........... a date with this creature,love it!
                                    ..........tubataha reef...great for diving
                                                ........boracay beach,great for swimming.


  1. WOW! I would so love to see this place. It looks so peaceful and beautiful.

    Thank you for your kind comment, you made my day. :)

  2. yeah! beautiful places ... "stares with wide open eyes".. "household chores should be shared by all member of the house"~~> that is something every mom believes in and every child disagrees..:) do i.summer is for fun. ;]

  3. yeah,these places are indeed magnificent! love to have you here and be your personal tour guide,lol,thanks for reading my blog.

  4. shades....i agree with you,summer is for fun....don't worry i am still a considerate mom,lol, thanks for your comment.

  5. beautiful photos! My brother-in-law (husband's brother) has a wife and daughter who live in the phillipines-(long story) but he gets to go there a visit a couple of times a year, he loves it there! He said it was really hot there in march!

  6. I miss the summer in the Philippines, although it's hot but I miss the outings and the beaches. So where are you planning to go to this summer then?

  7. hello crazygir,i am happy to know that someone out there still got a chance to see our beautiful places,beaches are so popular during the summer season,right, so hot during march,but perfect for swimming, wish you could come and visit too,thanks for reading my blog.

  8. Missy, thanks so much,glad you had a great time here,yes so hot, but i wish you could have time and visit again,thanks for reading my blog.

  9. I have four sons and I have taught them to work in the house and out of it. It is good for their wives in the future and their mama now :)!


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