Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Personal Encounter.....with God!

As a child i was brought with having a strong faiht in God,my mother is a devout catholic.I guess this is my best legacy from her.
When i was in gradeschool,i used to dreamed Papa God,in that dream He is always talking to me,telling me to be good always...oh yes, HE showed whenever i did wrong.
I always ignored this dream..... who will think this is serious anyway?At my age then, this is  nothing.So i did not give much thought of it.
   As a normal girl,i do the usual things girls mostly do.I was in high school when i had another dream, this time Mama Mary.......i know because she introduced herself to me,she was crying reminding me that i committed sin again.I cried too,because i really did wrong.I remember i fought with my classmate,I lost my temper and badmouthed her.I did not ask for repentance.I promised i will ask her forgiveness on the next day, which i did.
      On my succeding dreams it was Mama Mary who always come.For others this maybe absurd or silly i don't impose others to believe.  Now as i come to think of it, i can say i  am lucky becuse this is HIS way to touched me,reminding me that HE is watching over me always.I deeply appreciate it.
       WE are now commemorating the death and passion of Christ on the cross.Today, my time of reflections,renewing my faith and loyalty to HIM.


  1. you know what??
    may be this will be silly for some..
    but don't you care for it... i personally believe things truly exists when you strongly believe they do..n everyone does encounters with god, its just that we know that "god" by different names cos he comes in different forms...for a hungry man his God is in the form of food..we name our believe, our desires, hope as our God, and he does exists..

  2. thanks for this positive comment, thought at first i will be misjudged here,thanks so much for the respect.

  3. every day we encounter with the lord almighty rather every second in our life. imagine a gap in ur breath and it makes the difference between life and death. the lord decides. praise the lord.
    to share my personal experience with the lord, i have great faith in the lord jesus although i am not a born christian. for several months i was enduring severe pain in my left leg just above the heel and each morning for few hours i had this pain that made me limp at times.
    while i was on my vacation i was inivited by a christian family to attend a prayer meeting. this family has car tyre business close to my house and i used to frequent them for my car tyre replacement or service and i got their acquaintance.
    i attended the prayer meeting with pleasure which was just above their shop specially kept for prayers while they could have minted money by renting it out being a commercial area. inshort the place itself is divine.
    for the last part of the prayer we all got up. with my eyes closed i was calling out his name. soon i had a strange feeling that i was standing on my left leg and my right leg not on floor. balance was perfect and i was feeling my whole body on my left leg the leg that had pain for several months.
    praise the lord. today no more pain. that moment with the lord was a healing moment when he made me stand on one leg. no wonder he is the living lord.
    thank you jesus for this miracle in my life. lord i pray to you for this person too by name lolit in whose blog i am leaving this message in praise of you. lord bless this lolit and make all her dream come true.


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