Friday, August 14, 2009

internet problem....

To all my blogger friends, i am experiencing internet connection, please bear with me, i may not be able to be with you for a while. Soon as i get back i will visit all of you, thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is a reflection for the busy people. WE should give time to praise and thank the LORD for whatever graces we received for the day no matter how small it is.

Dedicated to all of us:

A Psalm for busy People
The Lord is my Patience
I will not rush
He makes me stop and rest
for quite intervals
He provides me with
images and stillness
which restore my sincerity.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paging Wives!

To make this fair to husbands, i'd rather share some tips too for wives out there.

Men love independent and confident women.
- Husbands want to see that their wives could work independently,not too much relying on them.

Men love to be with a happy companion and a woman who looks at things positively.
- Husband like to have a wife who always have a positive outlook in life, this outweighs the negative.

Men want great sex.
-It is not just by choice or what. Men by nature have higher libido than women, so they often want a partner in life that is compatible with them sexually. Men most often express love through sex that they tend to look for a woman who can also take care of their needs when it comes to that aspect. Women just have to realize that when it comes to physical intimacies, what men want in a wife is not just sex but great sex.

Men want to feel loved and cared for.
- We may tend to ignore our husband because we are too busy with taking care of our household chores and for the kids as well. Husband wants to feel they are around too. Oftentimes we think it is ok with them,but deep inside they are rebelling(sad).

Men want to be appreciated.
-If we women love to be appreciated, men do too. They want to be appreciated for what they have contributed in building a good family. Don't try to think on his negative sides that hinders you to become appreciative of him,instead look at the better side of him.

Men love a woman who knows how to listen and understand.
- Husband hates a nagging wife, they appreciate more a wife who knows how to listen and understanding as well.

Your turn on it!

Paging Husbands!

I am curious how husbands react on this:

Five Golden Rules of the Doting Husbands

  • Get home by 8 p.m.

  • Eat dinner with your family.

  • Say thanks to your wife for all that she does.

  • Call your wife by name rather than saying "you" or grunting at her.

  • Look your wife in the eyes when talking to her.
Conclusions to all of these and to have a successful marriage. I believe...RESPECT,TRUST AND LOVE are the keys. Do you agree?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"end of the world"

Women in my age may start wondering how to overcome premenopausal syndrome. Is there really like premenopausal syndrome? You might be asking why i came to discuss this topic? Most women i think(and i agree) that we are afraid to face and come to terms with this topic, i don't know, but it is for me a sort of "end of the world" . For one, gone are the days the i could still do things like younger ones do. So physical activities are lessened, because i believe body strength is no longer the same. To understand about more of it
I began to understand that slowly this matter as i believe i am already going through the sign and symptoms of it(sad). With no apparent reason, i feel depressed, sad, irritable and impatient to small things. In retrospect, i should be more aware of it now. So it is a fact that all women must understand and accept the reality that we all come and face the reality! ouch! Not yet!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

so proud of you!

Just so happy and touched by my youngest Kevin did for me tonight. After my whole day of performing my duties as mom,i started feeling tired and i said my back is aching. What he did was,he got my pain reliever oil and started massaging my hand, then head and back. I felt so delighted and teary eyed. He is so sweet , caring and loving child. Stay sweet,bubly and thank you for making my day always happy and life more easier. I am so proud of you!