Saturday, August 8, 2009

"end of the world"

Women in my age may start wondering how to overcome premenopausal syndrome. Is there really like premenopausal syndrome? You might be asking why i came to discuss this topic? Most women i think(and i agree) that we are afraid to face and come to terms with this topic, i don't know, but it is for me a sort of "end of the world" . For one, gone are the days the i could still do things like younger ones do. So physical activities are lessened, because i believe body strength is no longer the same. To understand about more of it
I began to understand that slowly this matter as i believe i am already going through the sign and symptoms of it(sad). With no apparent reason, i feel depressed, sad, irritable and impatient to small things. In retrospect, i should be more aware of it now. So it is a fact that all women must understand and accept the reality that we all come and face the reality! ouch! Not yet!


  1. hmmm....sad but true..but even i go thru the symptoms you have mentioned!!! fatigue, irritability...etc....wonder if it will increase ... thanks for sharing this info..and you take care please...we all are friends in going thru what you are at present...

  2. another puzzle to be solved, in understanding women - yet, wouldn't like to miss a chance trying to.

  3. WAAHHH ayaw ko tong pag-usapan hehehehe .. no way, i'll find a way that my world will not end because of that. nyahahaha.

    Thanks for the visit and comment. Have great Sunday.

  4. No comment ako dito.

    Why not "Start of a new world"? He he he


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