Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is a reflection for the busy people. WE should give time to praise and thank the LORD for whatever graces we received for the day no matter how small it is.

Dedicated to all of us:

A Psalm for busy People
The Lord is my Patience
I will not rush
He makes me stop and rest
for quite intervals
He provides me with
images and stillness
which restore my sincerity.


  1. oh this is really inspiring.
    thanks for sharing

  2. hello ate you have to use the code tapos yung name na gusto mong ilagay sa link then

    tell me if it works pag hindi email me okay.. mwah

  3. it doesn't work here ate.. if you could add me sa yahoo I can give you the code.. cutiestfriend and Yahoo ID ko

  4. hello ate, buzz mo ko sa YM tuturuan kita ng paglink

  5. You have a beautiful and reverent blog. I am so glad you stopped in. I shut down early last night because I was a bit under the weather but your blog has made me feel so much better. Please come back and I shall find you in return.

  6. Don't wear a watch for more than two years now. Has made me somehow more happy, calm and peaceful, I even stop at a red traffic light, which is like being a UFO here in Athens.
    Whish they would read your blog as well.
    Please have a nice Friday.

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