Monday, April 20, 2009

Get well soon Kevin!

     While i am busy reviewing,  problems come here and there..... yesterday my youngest son Kevin has diagnosed  with kidney infections, i don't understand much of all those medical terms told by his pediatrician. I am trying very hard to comprehend all those terms.  He got high fever and blood stains in his urine, and few lymph nodes on the left side of his neck.  So i had to rushed him to the hospital,it was alarming!  He underwent some laboratory tests....urine, blood and lung x-rays  now he is at home for observation and medication, and be back on wednesday for a follow up check up and another laboratory tests.  I hope and pray the medicines will respond.
    I am  closely monitoring him, and i am glad he acts normally and seems not sick at all, still hyperactive, not heeding the advise of his pedia......he is a kid indeed!  Somehow it is also a relief for me it is less stressful.  Get well soon my baby!   I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. I hope he feels better soon!

  2. hope he comes out of it soon, god bless him! take care.

  3. Poor guy..He didn't feel bad at all??

    Have him drink lots of water.
    Hope he can be better soon..
    smiles, Deena

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I know he is going to be fine with the love and care of a mother like you.


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