Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28,2009: 11:44pm manila,philippines
             This is my first time to get into this blogging thing, at first i am hesitant, curious and had a second thought of creating one.But finally,i made one and here i am.
              For a newbie like me,i may sound odd or boring,this is because  i am still familiarizing myself on how to go about it.I have entitled my blog My happiness and sentiments for i would like to show and share some if not all my life's journey.This is not so much interesting for i am only a very simple person, with  a simple wants and interests in life.Like others, i would only want  to have a happy and contented life,not worrying so much what lies ahead of us,or what the future brings on me.If we think of life,this  have so much complications,it brings too much worthless time of how we could go over the obstacles.Is is worth thingking for?Is it worth giving time?

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