Monday, February 8, 2010

Sad and Happy

I went to the school of my third son, to get his report card, i am happy his grades are very satisfactory. Hope he can maintain this until classes ends on March. Yehey! two months free from school obligations. Next school year you will be a second year high school, aim higher so you can fulfill your dreams, i am just here,i love you Tj!

This morning i have visited my sister in-law Rowena, she's been sick since last week, her situation is a bit complicated. It has something to do with her abnormal bleeding, the doctor can not do much at this point in time, because she has to undergo several laboratory tests to determine what really causes this bleeding. Menopause has ruled out by the doctor since she has an active goiter disease and heart problem as well. Symptoms on her goiter may or may not be the caused of it said by the doctor. Yesterday, she went again to the hospital and had a minor procedure for her only to temporarily stop the bleeding while waiting for the biopsy, and a 2D Echo. Anyway just rest and relax, pray and stop worrying.
Don't worry, we will pray for your fast recovery, and we all love you!


  1. congrats tj,keep it up....and to rowena,get well very soon my prayers are with you...

  2. good to hear about your boy!! wow!! and will pray for your sister in take care and keep blogging ...

  3. Lots of good wishes to your sister. And great news about your son.

    CJ xx

  4. I'll be praying for her ate... Alam mo ba may goiter ako dati, buti naagapan nalusaw pa ng gamot.. Ingat lagi and congratulations to TJ for having good grades.

  5. congrats sa son mo teLolit....oh my, feel bad to hear about your SIL..hope she will get better soon....

    thanks pala sa dalaw at comment..glad to be here!

  6. Congrats kay TJ ate, sana palaging matataas ang mga grades nya.

    Will pray for your sis in law.Ingat palagi ate at salamat.

  7. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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