Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project was successful

Hello to all my friends here at bloglandia, sorry for not being with you these past few days. Been awhile since i last posted.
Reporting for what we had done during the relief operation. It was done successfully although i was not able to be with the team for a reason that i need to attend to a very important matter, i missed this event. The team pursued as scheduled.
you will see from these pictures how the people and their places had been totally devastated.
Coming November, we will be having our second part of the relief operation, many people are still giving support for PINOY FORUMERS SOCIETY FOUNDATION,INC., so we decided to have a second round. Thank you to all those who are supporting our projects.
I will keep you posted again about this relief operation.


  1. Glad to know it went well ate, may God bless you more for serving other people!

  2. I am so glad that it was a huge success and at the same time , am very thankful to the officers, member and volunteers for all their efforts.

    I'm sure ate hindi mo na palalampasin ang next..aabangan ko ang mga pictures nyo.

  3. Sitting here in Europe one can only be impressed by the strength of you!


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