Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I would like to thank this person who is always beside me even during my most darkest moment, only that i need to keep his identity for he is a very private person. So i am trying to keep my promise,Mr. D, thank you so much,for being so understanding and patient, never i realized how much you really care for me, even at times i am so mean to you.
You always understand my feelings towards all these events that is happening to my life. Words are not enough to express how much i am grateful in knowing a person like you.
Thank you so much!

A poem for you. But i guess more appropriate for me.

So this is for both of us.

It takes a knock to open a door.
A "knock" to open your eyes:
It takes a "knock" to open the way,
That we may realize our goal,
That the dream is won because we try,
though a "knock" may spur on us,
Life is made up of joys and "knocks"
And each day begins with the dawn.

Had this poem ring a bell?


  1. Wow napakapoetic mo naman ate.. Ahem sino kaya si Mr. D hehehe..

  2. hello rose, kaibigan ko yan, hindi nangiiwan.

  3. Parang kilala ko yan si Mr. D, sya ata yung nakilala namin ni hubby beho noong nakapunta kami sa inyo ate. Am I right?

    Love your poem ate, dapat ipabasa ko yan kay beho ko eh.

  4. lolit, I never got that enrtry finished. It disappeared but I added a short explanation. Actually it was meant as just a comment because it has been raining for 2 weeks except for about 4 days and I am just tired of it. I know you have had it much worse and it was just a figure of speech. I am alone after losing my 3 sisters and 5 brothers and mom and dad . I have a wonderful husband and 4 children left. I have lost a son and a husband but I didn't mean to come across as feeling sorry for myself. I just had to accept my losses and do the best I could.

  5. Hello Lolit, I am so glad to have you comment. I enjoy hearing from people from other countries. I am going to have to stir up some of my other people O blog with from other countries. That is the only way I will ever see the countries is throu every ones eyes that lice there.

  6. Hello Lolit, Congrats for having a special friend in the person of Mr. D. We all need real friends na hindi nang-iiwan.

    Actually I am okay, kunti lng naman ang pinsala sa amin na dulot ng mga typhoons. Ung Naipost ko is about the sad experiences that I saw and heard about our kababayans. Thanks for visiting my site.


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