Sunday, November 8, 2009

Relief Operations 2

typhoon's work
the group
me and my group
people waiting for their turn....
me and Princess, daughter of our secretary......
me, Princess and Randell..bro and sis tandem....good job kids!

We just had our relief operation last saturday, the one that i have mentioned last time.We went to Ternate and Bacoor, Cavite. It was successful although i felt a bit depressed for what we have seen. Heart wrenching, as i have told to my friend, because she was about to cry, , just be strong and don't mixed emotions here. If not, we can not do our job. Much as we want to give more, but our resources were limited. It was sad to see these people and their plight.
First stop,we went to the families that were affected by the cyclone. Their houses were totally damaged. It was good though because no casualties. Second to the families that were affected by the fire, houses were totally burnt. The people are slowly getting back to their feet. Thank be to GOD!
Lastly, to the community who were affected by the typhoons, we were there till sunset.


  1. Lolit, you are to be commended. It is wonderful to see the wonderful pictures of all of the great people in your groups.

  2. I echo the previous comment lolit.
    I hope everyone, and everything soon gets back to a 'normal' state.

  3. Another job well done ate Lolit. Sana nasa Pinas ako..sure na go talaga ako dyan.

    Salamat sa iyo at sa lahat.

  4. What an impressive way to start this new week - thank you for being a role model for so many, me included.

  5. Good job ate, may God bless you more for your good deeds to other people!

  6. job well done ninang....
    God bless PFSI!!!


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