Monday, November 9, 2009

Greatest gift!

I always knew I'd be a mom
since I was just a girl.
And when God blessed me with you four
you each became my world.
He said now take these precious gifts
and show them greatest love.
Because he gave them here to me
from Heaven up above.
He said to teach them what is right
by what you do and say.
And please remember as a mom
to teach them how to pray.
The years go by so fast you know
no matter what we do.
And wherever that your paths may lead
my heart will go with you.
I only hope I served you well
and showed you greatest love.
I hope I taught you how to pray
and thank your God above.
Always remember,
to be your mom
is a blessing everyday.
For to me God sent a precious gift....

You maybe hardheaded sometimes but it's ok
it is still a part of growing up.
I am here always.

Rafael,John Kenneth, Tj and Augustine Kevin
Mama will always love you!


  1. Oh what a tribute for your precious angels ate.. Napakapoetic mo pala ate.

    Oh by the way, di mo ba nakuha yung email i sent ?

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  2. wuhu.. so sweet mom.

    -your ghost frnd

  3. did you write this ??? how amazing... you touched my soul and wet my are an amazing person....your kids are lucky...

  4. What a loving Mom you are! God bless you and you family.

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  6. every mother is indeed a sculptor who minutely etches out in her offspring the very best lines to project a personality dear to one and all. polished with your love your offspring promote the same essence to mankind around.your untiring vigil on them grooms them to be outstanding amongst the rest. your tender touch and soft spoken words become their strength and your prayers their blessings. importance of mother her love her touch her care is sure felt not only by her siblings but also by those less fortunate ones who suffered a lot during the typhoon. god bless all mothers and those in particular who are selfless in extending their support. god bless lolit you are a great mom.

  7. This is a lovely post from a TLM - tender-loving MOM.

  8. That is a lovely post and thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I am truly worn out even yet but it is a good tired

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  11. being a mom is really a precious gift to women. Merrry Christmas ate.

  12. Happy New Year ate Lolit. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with love, happiness and good health. Sana matupad na rin ang wishes mo.

    Best regards to kuya and to the kids.


  13. Beautiful blog space. Have a beautiful day. I'm suppose to give you a blog award, but so funny I don't know how to send it to's a Beautiful Award meme. Anyway Congratulations.


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