Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank You

Hello to all my friends here at blogland, first i would like to say SORRY to all of you. I have been silent for a long long time. I just came from a very personal battle in my life, rising back to be with you guys. I missed all of you, THANK YOU TOO for still there for me and because you have not forsaken me, lol.

Thank you Jenny for this special award too, thanks for considering me as one of the recipient. I may not be consistent into blogging but my heart is still here. Thank you again.


  1. take care of yourself...God's love will see you thru...

    warm regards

  2. Hope everything is fine with you. Concratulations upon this award.
    And yes, life can be pretty demanding.
    A wonderful Friday for you.

  3. hey...where are you..what's up..hope you are fine...take care


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