Thursday, July 30, 2009

Budgeting tips for moms

I would like to share these tips for a stay home mom like me especially in our present financial difficulties. It is a challenge that all moms must face sooner or later,preparing affordable meals that are at the same time good for the family's health.
Here they are:

Plan you meals
Always plan meals for the entire week,this makes shopping easier and prevents unnecessary spendings. Create a meal planner so you know ahead of time what food items you need to buy even before you go to the market.

Shop at a wet market
Looking for more affordable food items? Wet market is the best place,here you can make a lot of choices and can even bargain to the lowest price. Lots of choices too.

Eat home-cooked meals
Eating home-cooked meals is a lot cheaper than eating outside. Preparing food at home allows you to have complete control of the cooking process and the ingredients you put in your food. It also helps you estimate how much food you need to cook for the particular meal.

Reduce food waste
Before throwing out leftover foods,consider first how you can recycle them,convert in another more palatable meal or snacks. Just make sure that leftover foods are stored properly. Do not reheat food more than once, reheating destroys nutritional content of the food.

Grow your own
It is nice to take time and think of trying to plant in your backyard,let's go organic,that means more safer to eat.
It also develop bonding and camaraderie among your kids.

Eating healthy foods need not be expensive,once you learned careful meal planning,shopping,and cooking. It is much easier to give your family good,nutritious, and healthy food while following your budget.


  1. maganda talaga mamili sa wet market ate, kaso dito ang hirap eh di mo maintindihan ang korean hehehe

  2. hello ate, thanks for the tips!

  3. Good tips lolit.
    I tend to eat a bit erratically usually. I should give myself more time, and set times I suppose.

  4. Good morning,
    eventhough a dad would like to express my thankfulness about those tips.
    Having now a garden, we will make sure to grown as much as possible on our own. Lemons are already there :)providing us much fun.
    one out of three reasons why I still am.
    Please have a nice weekend.


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