Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new baby

Good day to all my friends here at blogland,you might wondering what i am doing all this time. From being absent from our haven(that is what i call it). I have not mentioned to you about my another baby....the foundation which i have recently joined,new for it was only running for 9mos now. I am one of the officers so, given this big responsibility, i am obliged to do my duties.

Let me give you first an insight how and what this foundation is all about. This is an organization mainly formed thru forum called POEA forum(PHILIPPINE OVERSEAS AND EMPLOYMENT ADMINISTRATION) an agency which facilitates our citizens who wish to go abroad and work. Since i am one of the aspirants so i came to know this forum. From this forum you will meet people who are already out of the country who likes to help those aspiring to work abroad. Help in terms of advises and tips onced you get to your destinations and other things. Then,from there a foundation was formed it is called PINOY FORUMERS SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS INC.(PINOY is a colloquial term for FILIPINOS). Even before it was officially registered in the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION we are already giving donations to the benificiaries, we've done it to school,we donated chairs, tables, trash bins,blackboards and electric fans. Another one was in a house for the abandoned children and for girls who were abused physically,mentally and sexually. We donated some of their personal needs and among other things.

You might again wondering where we get our funds.Considering the facts that the things being donated requires a large amount of money. The money is being donated by our members who are working abroad or even for non-members who are willing to share their blessings. If we are going to have an upcoming project we tell them, then we start asking for help. I salute them for their great contributions to make all our projects feasible. Considering the fact that we have not seen each other personally, only on the net. That is how they trusted the organization. I am so proud of these people!

Recently, July 11, 2009, we had our first grand reunion of all the officers and other members too. Our chairwoman came home from United Arab Emirates to personally meet us and plan for another project.

I am praying that this will be another fruitful one. Sharing some of the pictures during the grand reunion.


  1. :) i am very happy for you .. and trust me ....good people are blessed with good might come delayed...but it does!! :)

    oh..i did miss you for this period :)

    God Bless :)

  2. What a great thing you are all doing lolit.
    It just shows the power of like minded people, and what can be achieved by all working together.

    I wish you, and everyone involved, the greatest success.


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