Monday, July 27, 2009

My moments

This is a usual day for me, waking up every 3:00am Monday thru Friday. For 21 years of being a full time mother,in general i am enjoying it. Although sometimes i feel tired of doing the same things all the time,24/7. There are times that i feel i am not effective anymore as a mother,because at times kids act differently to what i am saying or negating what i want them to do, or maybe it is also the dynamic world that affects their attitudes(still justifying),i am not sure of course. But don't get me wrong, i am a liberated mother only that whenever i need to scold them for wrongdoing i do so. I am their best friend i think, we can talk about anything under the sun.

Wheeew! change the topic,lol. Yesterday just when i got home, i opened my email and i got a good news regarding my ongoing application to Canada,my employer promised to work on the documents needed to submit to the Canadian embassy here in Manila. These are the only ones needed to know the verdict,lol. So this keeps me inspired and less stressful day ahead for me now,again keep praying for me friends, thank you so much.


  1. A lovely picture lolit; so peaceful looking.

    And really good news about your application to Canada. :)

  2. good luck on Canada. hope it goes well.

    i am married for a year now. we don't have a baby yet. but we're very excited and looking forward having one. Not now but next year maybe. but am practicing now with our dog. hihihihi

  3. Wow goodluck ate lolit! We'll keep you in our prayers!

  4. Ganyan din ako minsan ate lalo na pag di nakikinig ang aking makukulit, minsan napapaisip ako mali ba pagpalaki ko sakanila?

  5. :) i know what you are saying...i did that to my mother too...but when i got married i understood her ...and when i became mother... i was speechless and in awe of her...time is the biggest teaches us the importance of parents when we are on our own in this world :)

    my daughter is 3 and sometimes she rebels and i know one day, despite all my effort to protect her ..she will not listen to me ... probably my heart will break ...but thats how the process goes on..i know one day she will come back to me again .. the ways she was when she needed me for her milk and huggies :)

    good collection of songs :)

    take care and keep smiling
    god bless...


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