Saturday, July 18, 2009

So happy

Happiness uplifts me
Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul
Happiness gives me the strength I need
Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day
Happiness takes my sadness away
Happiness fills my eyes with joy
Happines makes me excited and thrilled
Happines warms my heart and soul each day
Happiness gives me a sense of relief each day
Happiness welcomes me each morning when I get up
Happiness can be seen in my eyes

Aldo Kraas

You always give me the courage to go on, find your way to make me happy.
Thank you so much my love!

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  1. It can also be added: Happiness is a choice and each person can be as happy as she can be because she chooses it.

    Be happy my friend!


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